The difference between Muslim and Non-Muslim..!

A letter from a Muslim To non-Muslims..

I am A muslim, what?? you don’t know whats the difference between you and us. Its nothing but few matters in terms of beliefs. We believe in Oneness of God. That There is NO God accept Allah in this world. None shares his authority and power. Sovereignty belongs to him. We ask for help to him and none. He has no son, nor he has a father. he has created this world. And Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) is the last messenger of Allah. We believe in All the messengers of Allah. Prophet Mosses, Jesus, David, Yusuf and all the other prophets he sent. We believe in All the books of Allah. Bibble, Quran, etc.

We try not to hurt others, we try not to be rude, we try not to lie, we try not to do anything that can harm others. We just pray 5 times a day to thank Allah for making us Muslim and his countless blessings he has blessed us with. We fast in Month of Ramadan so we can feel the pain of those who cant eat or are deprived of basic necessities of life. Is that alot of difference among you and us??

I don’t know who are those out there pretending to be one of us killing people. I don’t know those self proclaimed Muslims. Because Islam doesn’t allow killing of innocents then how come they are killing in the name of Allah and Islam. We muslims totally condemn the act of those insane people. But we also condemn your act of depriving us of our basic, human and civil rights because of some stereotypes. Those few hundred people surely doesnt represent the trillions of muslims around the world…

Consider your self. If all the muslims were like that. As our respected Media tries to portrays us. i.e. Terrorists, killers, beast, mass murderers etc.. Just give it a thought. What this world would have been today.. we are not in less numbers. we are every where in this world. if we had intentions like that. Any sensible man can picture what this world would have been looking like today… HELL…!! but it isnt. But on base of self proclaimed assumptions about our kind this world has literally been made hell for us. Best attempts around the world are being made to keep us from our religion.. why soo??

I don’t hate nor a hold any enemity towards any one who do such stuff  against us but feel pitty for them that without knowing the ground realty about Islam and muslims they are depriving us of what is our birth right. I ask you.. Don’t we even deserve a chance to present what we have, what we are following, why our religion is soo dear to us. Don’t pass verdicts and judge us without even giving us chance to put forward our part of story.

We muslims are equally human, equally sensitive like anyother human, we get hurt as well, we bleed like anyother, we get scared , we cry, we smile, we laugh , we party , we dress, we go to school,  get education like any other human would do. We plan our future, build houses, we charity we mourn when anything bad happens any where in the world like any one else with feelings would do. We love to see sunrise and sunsets, we appreciate the world and its beauty. We listen to the songs and updates a our playlists. we share, we give, we take, we thank we love, we hate, we like , dislike like any one else would do. Women, of us cooks food take care of family, loves family and kids, love being taken care of, likes to fashion their life as they ike  like any other women in the world would love to. Men among us work, runs house like anyother men in world will do. We are same as what you are, we are EQUALLY HUMAN…. then why considering us alien and making this world alein for us. Then why having double standard for us.. Is it fair to treat us like that jus cause of few stereotypes???

INSTEAD…. there are few thing that only we do and you don’t.. We get blamed for every thing that happens in world, we get sentenced for minor reasons and sometimes for no reason at all but for being muslims, we are not allowed to peacefully fashion our lives as we want, we wanna cover our heads but you dont let us to. But if you want to cover your head no one will stop you but will stop us. We are being deprived of our basic human rights for being muslims. When any of us on trail or having a case in the international court or in non muslim countries courts. The other person if non mulim is favoured. World has not yet forgotten the case of Dr Aafia Siddiqui. First of all American court and army wasnt able to provide considerable proofs and accuses against Dr. Aafia. All thier points were either lacked reality or didnt seem acceptable to anyone with sense of judgement still that women was sentenced. Even if her being sentenced to prison, is accepted. Still the tenure they sentenced her to is insane. The American court tried there best that even if by chance she has a life span of over 100 years, they made sure she never gets free even then is that human? Was her crime that serious in nature.? She was raped severl times, Not once but sevral times while she was under trial?? who is going to punish those officers now? No trail for them Haan? Just because she is a MUSLIM WOMAN.

Isn’t this a disgrace to all the women in this world. that even though your feminty get insulted not once but several times still those culprits are not taken to task. How would any one of  you would feel if it were you instead of her. Judge being impartial.  This is the story of Only one women there are many out there who are being crucifeid because of prejudice and enmity towards muslims. You ask i name them. And then they say, we deprive women of their rights? Well thats what not real.  And we are unable to get why so? If cause of those few stereotypes than thats insane. The one who do bad should be punished instead of every one of us. Good and bad people are every where, in every community, in every society, in every religion, Then why only blaming islam cause of few believers. You don;t go throw all this we do..

We are the one who are constantly trying to portray and tell people of this world by every possible means possible with in our limits, on every ground that we aren’t terrorist. we are equally human. We are just like you. How would you feel if your life, your entire existence would set under a trail , trying to prove that you aren’t the bad guy, how would you feel being punished for something that someone else did ..? We are the ones going thorugh this every day..!! Ironic isnt it..? Still we don’t hate this world nor any one. Cause our religion doesnt teaches us to hate. We only know to love and it is out of love for humanity that we arent giving back, what you’v given us. Instead we are trying to tell you we consider you our brothers. And we will kep trying and INSHALLAH will win this world with love..AMEEN

And thats the difference between us and YOU..