“Pro-Pakistan — Don’t let them confuse your patriotism with Anti-India emotions.

14 August is just round the corner. Celebration is in the air. Hari jhandian, Flags on roof tops, cars and motorcycles, stalls, green chooriyan. This day is celebrated in Pakistan with patriotism and… Continue reading

Now who is your Daddy? –Critical Analysis of Zardari

Things have been quite depressing in the past few days. We all have been very concerned about current situation of Pakistan, specially situation in Karachi is deplorable. Heart shattering! But life must go on that’s… Continue reading

Be Pakistani. Choose Wisely –A request!

“Altaf Hussain asks people to buy one-month ration” -Geo News This was the head-line of many news channel Last night  after 1:00 AM. It surely did create chaos and tension among people, that… Continue reading

Hypocrisy Galore! Anders Behring Breivik ‘Gunman’ or ‘Terrorist’?

We all are familiar with the incident that took place few days ago in Oslo, Norway.. Guy named  Anders Behring Breivik, Killed 90 at Youth Camp in Oslo.. This Guys is happened to… Continue reading