My Blog: 2012 in review

Thank you so much all of you who read my blog, liked it and helped me in improving my writing thanks once again 🙂 The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual… Continue reading

Being liberal? There comes a point we need to draw the line.

But even being very strict on religion my family especially my mother has always given me liberty to be who I am, made me accept the existence of other beings and that my… Continue reading

Mujhe Ikhtilaf se ‘Ikhtilaf’ hai

What happened 5 years back in Lal Masjid was result of difference of opinion, if we could just listen to what others are saying and stop shoving up our opinion to other people’s… Continue reading

Guide your children: Don’t try to tame them.

Concept of having psychological needs is alien in our society, to our parents. What most of us fails to realize is what a child lacks in childhood, he looks for its compensation from… Continue reading

“Chakwal Brothers, Over Shadowed Meesha Shafi “– #Coke Studio

Punjab the land of color, festive and joy! Many famous singers of Pakistan have their roots in Punjab. Coke Studio with its recent finds “Chakwal Group” –Featured in the second Episode of Coke… Continue reading

How my father won an argument that I shouldnt get a new phone!

I was planning from over a long time that how to convince my dad to get me a new phone. That I am responsible enough NOW! And deserves to get a new ‘Decent’… Continue reading

Pakistan Youth Forum — SIUT Volunteering Program Update

Woke up early in the morning with the tone of stupid alarm. Mumbling and stumbling on my way to washroom I figured I was too late. 5 more minutes of  sleep always end… Continue reading

I “WAS” a Pakistani — Just a human for now!!

Love for NATION .. It is never selfless.. It is never about for nation no matter what.. noo matter who say it.. There is always a motive.. either fame or getting appreciation from people… Continue reading

Tale of Zulfiqar Mirza and His Sudden Urge Of Speaking The Truth!

Zulfiqar Mirza resigned yesterday right after the operation in Liyari. In the beginning it appeared as if it was in protest of the operation in Liyari. Well then we were wrong. This resignation was expected from him since he… Continue reading

Enough with the “Motivation For Youth Required”..!

Choice is yours.. Feel the pride, step forward, be the change you want to see, snap out of the state of self pitty ..Or just wait for some divine help to descend on… Continue reading