About Me: Tooba Hatif

Tuesday, November 09, 2010. 7:26:47 PM

I am Tooba Hatif Farooqi, I am 19. I am a student studying Public Administration. Doing Bachelors.I am an average teenager with not so average aims. I beleive in self made peoples and acheivements. And currently striving to make my self acclaimed among one of the self made people in world.
I am very much interested in Politics, International Affairs, Present , Past and most importantly future of South Asian Countries (Specially Pakistan.). I have keen interest in learning Different Languages. At present i have command over English and Urdu. I can understand and speak English, Urdu,Sindhi, Punjabi (Pakistan’s Regional Languages). M learning German & French.

I am a practicing Muslim. By practicing here i meant following the REAL laws and principles. I am not one of the stereotypes you hear about on T.V. and NEWS channels. I belong to the real and educated class of muslims. I don’t claim being the savior of Islam. But i claim to be a learner who is learning Islam. And from the knowledge i have acquired uptill now i want to share it with other people as well. So, I am writing a book, Which will InshAlah change the perception of world about Muslims. Because i think i can present what is the reality , what is the truth behind the veils, that International media is trying to hide from world. InshAllah i’ll put forward the truth. I don’t hold any grudge or enemity towards thse who portrays islam according to a fiction they hold in thier minds.

There are two kinds of people in this world. One who follow others and others make others follow them..  I want to be one of those who leads. And i am striving hard for it. I wasn’t born with any of the qualities a leader could have or should have. I buillt them in me. I don’t believe in Luck. I believe in creating ways out of odds. Very few people knows what they are, And i am one of those few. Once you know what you are, its hard to be humble. But i try my best to be humble and own to earth. So far so good

Well thats all about me. You will get to know much about me via my posts on my blog. Keep Visiting!!

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