Why Malala won the Nobel Peace prize and not Edhi?

This question started to pour on my Time line on Facebook right after it was announced that child activist Malala Yusuf Zai has won Nobel Peace prize along with another activist from India. Both of them have been given this prize because they stood up for the right of others to prosper to flourish and to educate themselves.

However with the announcement, Pakistanis were extremely fast in expressing with their views on it. Some were ecstatic that yet another Pakistanis after such a long time got recognition for their extraordinary efforts and brought good name for the country, While others were spewing venom and didn’t even hesitated in making a fool of themselves by calling a 17 year old ‘Head of CIA’. Some people were too cute. They went on with pointing out ridiculously designed pictures with bad font selection stating, “You know it is a sad world when she (Malala) gets a Nobel prize but he (Abdul Sattar Edhi) doesn’t!”

Head meets desk!

Head meets desk!

Let’s discuss this, that why Malala Yusuf Zai won the Nobel Prize while Abdul Sattar Edhi never did. Let’s discuss so we can put this argument to bed, once and for all. Abdul Sattar Edhi is Pakistan’s renowned human rights activist who is running Pakistan’s one of the biggest welfare organizations by the name of “EDHI”. Edhi has the credible amount of achievement to boost, they have provided shelter to hundreds and thousands of women, orphans and parents to whom their children couldn’t look after. Their ambulance service is yet another commendable achievement. Their organization work round the clock and is a sheer display of the fact that humanity still dwells among the heartless, self-centered and vile people of Pakistan(Trust me I have my own reasons to use such adjectives).

All what Abdul Sattar Edhi does is extremely appreciated by all and sundry and we even nominated him for Nobel peace prize out of respect for his work. But people of Pakistan need to realize there are bigger, better and several other welfare organizations that are working around the world for the same cause. I don’t mean to take anything away from Edhi Sahab but what he is doing has never faced revulsion, never faced religious barriers, and was never considered as a Taboo in the country. People helped him generously to help others. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t life threatening as well.

Whereas Malala Yusuf Zai is still a teen who strived for her education. She had great knowledge and deep understandings of what are the challenges faced by the women in the part of the country she was born in and not only that. She also had determination to do something about it. She wanted to highlight that so she wrote about it. Her efforts turned attention of international community towards Pakistan and also made Pakistanis see (either reluctantly but still) what they were ignoring from so long. We knew all along the hell-hole Pakistan’s patriarch society is for the women in Pakistan. We just never wanted to acknowledge that.

Because of audacity that teenager showed by highlighting educational dilemma women in Pakistan face, even Pakistanis came forward to help her cause. She spoke about Army, she spoke about people using religion to their own benefit in her own innocent way and she spoke against Talibans who are hailed by certain lot of Pakistan for their brutal ways and misinterpretation of Islam.

You can see the difference in the struggle of the two; It’s ridiculous to compare them. One fought for serving humanity and the other stood up to make sure women get their basic right of education. It is our fault that she even had to stand up for the cause. Enough with stupid conspiracy theories! Pakistan isn’t as amazing as you think that entire world would conspire against it. We are at the pit of moral inadequacy and it won’t be totally inappropriate if someone coins ‘clodpole’ as our defining characteristic.

Even Edhi Sahab Agrees

Even Edhi Sahab Agrees

If you can’t appreciate it and have nothing better than photo-shopped photographic evidences of her being an international spy, a traitor and the new CIA head then please take a moment to mentally slap your pathetic imagination. That child has brought home, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Let it sink in. You couldn’t even get anything better than that steel-cup for scoring A-grade in your school.

So do yourself and this country a favor and stop making a joke of yourself. Our stupid efforts to make the country mourn because Edhi Sahab couldn’t win, doesn’t make any sense. You are not only degrading Edhi Sahab’s struggle but are also responsible of Pakistan’s disgusting image your reactions have caused!

P.S. According to the response you idiots have shown towards her achievement, you guys are bringing home more shame and humiliation than Mala ever did by writing those blogs.


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