Peshawar Blast: Cut the ‘Negotiation’ crap – Retaliate

As I write this it has been a week since the Peshawar Church Blast and there was another blast at Qissa Khwani Bazar which claimed several lives today and the provincial government comes out  with the same apologetic behavior defending TTP and denouncing any involvement of TTP behind these attacks.

Peshawar" Blast in Church leaves many families grieving for their loved ones.

Peshawar” Blast in Church leaves many families grieving for their loved ones.

A person who said if I do wrong my people can vote me out any day even after election, finds it difficult to understand if people wanted negotiations? They would’ve asked TTP to simply stand in elections and rule the country.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that job of a national or provincial government is to provide security and maintain sovereignty of the country/province.
Talibanisation can’t be dealt with words they need to be gunned down. they are traitors and a threat to the existence of Pakistan. Anyone who wants to negotiate instead of dealing with force with Talibans is in state of denial.
Mr. Imran Khan keeps emphasising upon that every next attack that happens in KPK is a conspiracy to sabotage negotiation with TTP. What he fails to understand is why negotiate? TTP is an ideology which has no end. negotiation (If it ever happens) will only lead to the ceasefire for a very short interval. Negotiations here isn’t a long-term plan. If Imran Khan’s prime motive is just to stay in power or tame TTP  for a smooth working until they are in power then let me break it to you an ideology whose’ core premise is barbarism can’t be tamed.
Doesn’t matter what you offer them, they want Caliphate system in Pakistan and a complete islamic rule which by the way is another debate because I personally feel its nothing islamic about their ways or demand (Hell!! call me self-righteous but I think it’s an insult for Islam  to even call them muslims).
 Army belongs to Pakistan. Its duty is to ensure our safety. Terrorism can’t be dealt without their help. 
Talibanisation can’t be dealt with words they need to be gunned down. they are traitors and a threat to the existence of Pakistan. Anyone who wants to negotiate instead of dealing with force with Talibans is in state of denial.
The duty of the government is to ensure security of the lives and property of its citizens and not just to complete their tenure. Democracy is an abstract. It is not above people. If it requires invasion of army to drag these murderers to hell, then call army. Democracy isn’t only about having a free and fair election it’s about maintaining a good relationship with establishment to work things out.
Army belongs to Pakistan. Its duty is to ensure our safety. Terrorism can’t be dealt without their help. Civilian government is JUST a civilian government at the end of the day.
So my sincere advice to Imran Khan and Prime Minister Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif to not try to hold everything in their hands and learn to delegate responsibilities and power and sit together with Army to formulate an effective strategy against TTP instead of trying to bring TTP to the table for talks.


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