Power of portraying ‘Everything is great!’

Today, I want to discuss the power of portraying ‘Everything is great!’.   I am surrounded by so many amazing people in my life that it baffles me sometimes. Every single one of these… Continue reading

Dear Mothers. We have to talk.

.. because when the time comes, and it always does, you would want your daughter to be ready, self reliant and not afraid. Dear Mothers, Congratulations on raising Nobel Laureates, scientists, politicians, house… Continue reading

This is why I Teach For Pakistan

Look closely; there seems nothing substantially wrong with this picture, just a little 6 year-old staring out of the window.  But what if I tell you the very thing that is disturbing about… Continue reading

Why Malala won the Nobel Peace prize and not Edhi?

This question started to pour on my Time line on Facebook right after it was announced that child activist Malala Yusuf Zai has won Nobel Peace prize along with another activist from India.… Continue reading

Reality Check: There Is No Glory In Being a Coward

A woman who doesn’t speak up for her rights is a coward. If a woman tolerates any sort of abuse she is not only responsible for what she gets, she is also responsible… Continue reading

Dove Beauty Patch: #BeautyIs You

It was just a normal routine day at work, I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline when I saw 7 of my friends, including male-friends had shared this video by Dove. It made… Continue reading

Divorce is not the problem, it is the solution of a problem.

This blog post is in response to Ahad Kashif’s  article in Tribune by the title of Pakistan and high divorce rates: The girl’s parents are to blame! I would like to put forward… Continue reading

Peshawar Blast: Cut the ‘Negotiation’ crap – Retaliate

As I write this it has been a week since the Peshawar Church Blast and there was another blast at Qissa Khwani Bazar which claimed several lives today and the provincial government comes… Continue reading

Thank you Ami!

I was shattered, all broken, so exhausted with running after my desires. People say your life flashes before your eyes when you are frightened to death. I wasn’t frightened, just exhausted. There sitting… Continue reading


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In an intellectually redundant part of the world, was an irrelevant neighborhood, where once lived a man known as Basheer. Basheer was quiet, slow and honest. He…